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Issues that arise during Umrah as well as their Solutions

The practice of performing Umrah and other rituals that are not mandatory is an awe-inspiring desire of each Muslim. Even though Umrah has many spiritual advantages, however, there are certain obstacles that pilgrims might encounter on their travels. These issues can be solved with effective solutions. Below are the common challenges encountered by Muslims during Umrah and the solutions to them.

Tawaf is difficult to find an appropriate location for Tawaf

Due to the sheer quantity of pilgrims, locating an area between Maqam Ibrahim and the Kaaba to perform Tawaf could be a challenge. Solution: Do Tawaf wherever you are at Masjid Haram as it is not necessary to be done particularly between those two locations. It is however suggested to wait until an opportunity within the specified location if it is possible.

Keeping the left shoulder in line with the Kaaba

When circumambulating the Kaaba It isn’t mandatory to keep your left shoulder in line with the Kaaba in all instances. Solution: Perform a typical procedure for circumambulation. Also, it’s acceptable to do so even if your left shoulder does not remain aligned with the Kaaba.

Overcrowding issues during Sa’ey

A large number of people that gathers during Sa’ey may cause disruption and inconvenience. Solution: Although it’s usually not permissible to conduct Sa’ey on the upper levels however, under certain circumstances, you can move temporarily towards the upper portion to ease the pressure created by the large mass of people.

The covered ascent is being touched within Safa as well as Marwah

It’s not necessary to climb the naked part of the hill in Sa’ey. Solution: Walking your feet at the top of the hill covered in a smudge will suffice to perform the rituals.

Difficulty in reaching the Hajra and Aswad

The kissing of the Black Stone is a desire of all Muslims However, it could be difficult when you are in a massive number of people. Solution: If you are unable to touch it, imagine that you are unable to physically touch the Black Stone, face your hand towards it, and then imagine that you are kissing it. Alternatively, you could make use of a stick for touching the stone. The options above will guarantee your prayer is regarded as a blessing.

Proclaiming supplications with high volume

Certain pilgrims repeat supplications with the loudest voices, which causes chaos and confusion to the others. Answer: It’s not required to repeat the prayer that the Imam has spoken. Make sure to recite the prayers with a calm tone to not disturb fellow pilgrims.

performing Umrah for someone else’s benefit

If you are performing Umrah for an individual, it’s not necessary to complete the additional personal Tawaf right afterward. Solution: Once you have completed the seven rounds for another person, you should refrain from making another Tawaf on behalf of yourself in a single session. It is a bad idea to do this and avoided it.

Taking breaks during Tawaf

It is acceptable to take a break for a short period of rest or take a drink during Tawaf but without it invalidating the ceremony. Solutions: If you need to you need to take a interruption during Tawaf, and then begin the ritual when you have satisfied your requirements.

Problems of the Search for Mahram

Those who are first-time Umrah pilgrims might have difficulty when trying to locate their Mahram (travel partner) following the completion of the religious rituals. Solution: Choose an exact meeting location before the event to prevent anxiety and conserve time. This will ensure a more enjoyable experience and also allows you to participate in extra activities of worship.

Fatigue after Tawaf

Walking for long periods during Tawaf could cause fatigue, which can affect your ability to complete other religious rituals. Solution: Select the hotel that is located close to the Grand Mosque when selecting an Umrah package. It will allow you to sleep easily and maximize the potential to participate in additional rituals.

Problems with local transportation

If visiting historic and religious places, visitors may face difficulties with taxi drivers who profit from their ignorance. The solution is to protect yourself from exploitation by taking taxis that are private or ride-sharing companies such as Uber or Careem to meet your travel requirements. These services offer a more secure and more secure method of transportation that ensures the smoothest trip.


To conclude, when doing Umrah It is normal to face difficulties. With the correct strategy and practical options, the challenges can be solved. Be sure to keep your intentions pure and seek advice from trustworthy sources to have a successful spiritually enriching Umrah experience. When you tackle these issues in advance and focus on the purpose of the journey and increase the bond you have to Allah SWT.

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