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Broken Planet – Clothing Brand

Broken Planet clothing embraces a rugged, post-apocalyptic aesthetic. These outfits are for survival in a harsh and desolate world. They feature durable materials like leather, canvas, and denim, with a focus on functionality. Expect to find distressed, torn, and weathered elements that give a sense of resilience. Layering is key for adapting to changing climates and hazardous conditions. Think utility vests, cargo pants, and combat boots. Accessories like gas masks, goggles, and bandanas add a touch of dystopian style. Colours are often muted, with earthy tones and greys dominating the palette. The goal is to blend into the barren landscapes. Broken Planet clothing combines fashion with practicality. It offers an edgy, survivalist look that’s perfect for a world in chaos.

Quality and Fabric

Broken Planet clothing places a premium on quality and durability. These garments are from robust materials, such as heavy-duty canvas, thick leather, and rugged denim. The fabrics are for their ability to withstand harsh conditions and provide protection. Double stitching and reinforced seams are common features. It ensures the longevity of the clothing. The emphasis on quality extends to hardware like zippers, snaps, and buttons, which are often oversized and sturdy. This clothing is to be functional and resilient. It reflects the necessity of survival in a challenging world while maintaining a distinctive and edgy style.

Colours and Designs

The colours and designs of Broken Planet clothing reflect the desolation of a post-apocalyptic world. Earthy tones like browns, greys, and greens dominate the colour palette. It evokes a sense of blending into barren landscapes. Distressed, weathered, and faded textures are common, stressing a rugged aesthetic. Its patterns and utility-focused designs, such as many pockets and areas, are prevalent. It emphasises practicality and preparedness for survival. These designs often incorporate asymmetry and closures. It contributes to the unique and edgy look that characterizes clothing. Where function and style coexist in a world of chaos.

Sizes for all body types

Offering sizes for all body types is essential for inclusivity and accessibility in the fashion industry. This means providing a diverse range of sizes, from petite to plus-size. It adapts to a broad spectrum of individuals. Each size should be to fit and flatter different body shapes and proportions. Tailoring should address inseam lengths, sleeve lengths, and waist posts. It ensures comfort and style for everyone. The goal is to promote body positivity and help people feel confident and comfortable in their clothing. Its regardless of their body type. Inclusivity in sizing fosters a more fair and diverse fashion landscape.

Top Collections

  • Hoodie

A Broken Planet hoodie is a versatile and durable garment designed for survival in a post-apocalyptic setting. It’s made from robust materials like heavy-duty cotton or canvas. It provides warmth and protection. These hoodies often feature an oversized hood and adjustable drawstrings. It reinforced stitching for added durability. The design can incorporate elements, faded colours, and textures to match the harsh environment. Utility pockets and zippers may be for practicality. Hoodies blend with edgy style. It makes them a staple for those navigating a chaotic and challenging world. It offers both comfort and a distinctive look.

  • T-shirt

A Broken Planet t-shirt is a rugged and practical piece of clothing designed for survival in a post-apocalyptic scenario. These t-shirts are from durable materials like heavy cotton or canvas. It was to withstand the harsh conditions of a hard world. They often feature a design with muted earthy colours and weathered textures. It reflects the desolate surroundings. Practical details like reinforced seams and utilitarian pockets may add functionality. The t-shirt combines resilience and style. It makes it a go-to choice for those navigating a chaotic world. It offers both comfort and a distinctive, survivalist aesthetic.

  • Tracksuit

A Broken Planet tracksuit is utilitarian clothing. It is designed for survival in a post-world. It is from tough and durable materials like heavy-duty canvas or reinforced cotton. It offers durability and protection against hard conditions. The tracksuit consists of a jacket and matching pants. It features a weathered and distressed design with earthy, muted colours to blend into the desolate surroundings. Functional elements such as multiple pockets and reinforced stitching are common. This tracksuit fuses practicality with a distinctive, edgy style. It makes it a favoured choice for those navigating a chaotic and harsh while maintaining a unique and resilient look.

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